Design & Consultation

The design and consultation process is one of the most important parts in ensuring that you get the best option for your heat exchange needs. At Allied Heat Transfer, we are dedicated to giving you what you want for the best possible price.

Although the heat transfer principals are always the same, the projects vary significantly and we wouldn’t have it any other way! The variety in design is what makes our working day interesting, and providing you with the best design and a smooth planning process is our number one priority.

At Allied Heat Transfer, we understand that your budget is a crucial factor, so we strive to assist by being a “one stop shop” for all your needs. This way, we minimise overall costs and give you the best heat exchanger deal.

In addition to the design of new or exchangers, we can also assist you when it comes to looking after your existing heat exchangers. Thermal checks on in-service cooling systems, re-designs, providing results to ‘what if’ scenarios such as changes to heat loads, temperatures, flow rates and allowable pressure losses ensure that you’re getting the most out of your product.

If your exchanger or cooling system is not producing at its peak performance, or operating differently to its design with pressures that are too high or too low – we can assist by determining the cause (fouling, scaling or leaks) and providing you with the best solution.


Our manufacturing has two main practices; the custom build of heat exchangers and cooling systems and the standard line of pre-manufactured products, such as our range of shelf line coolers and heat exchangers.

At Allied Heat Transfer, we generally build the cooling systems that we have designed for our clients. We also, however, are often called upon by clients to build from an existing drawing or asked to visit the job site and draw up an existing exchanger for fabrication.

Check out our main website to read more information on how we can work with you.


The maintenance of your heat exchanger and cooling system products is an important part of our business. Working heat exchangers need to be regularly maintained and cleaned so as to ensure they are running at peak performance. At some stage, heat exchangers will also need to be re-built – either partially or completely.

The team at Allied Heat Transfer are able to help with all maintenance and cleaning needs. We can visit your site and carry out maintenance work on your exchanger at your convenience there, or send your heat exchanger to us where we can do the work at our workshop. Either way, on site or at our workshops, our skilled staff have the knowledge and expertise to work on your heat exchangers with highly established work practices that give you the best chance of an extended service life.

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