Industrial Fans & Pumps

Allied Heat Transfer delivers tailor-made cooling solutions that can improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and meet your diverse needs. We also carry and test all brand names of tubes, which means we can not only customize your equipment but also procure the best products possible for your requirements.

Industrial Fans

The industrial fan is one of the most important parts in any air-blast cooling system (oil coolers, radiators, cooling towers, and so on). A good quality Industrial Fan can mean the difference between a system working or not working. We at Allied Heat Transfer, cut, assemble and balance industrial oil cooling fans and pumps.

Using our design selection programs we are able to size a fan (from 200 mm to 12 metres in diameter) to suit most applications including cooling towers, oil coolers, radiators, engine cooling, evaporators, condensers, etc.

How we work
Through the use of our fan sizing programs coupled with our experience of fan installations we are able to select the most efficient fan from our range for the required duty, this means that the fan will have the lowest noise output and lowest power consumption to move the required amount of air.

Having a good quality Industrial Fan does not mean that it will work properly, it’s just as important for the fan to be installed correctly. We will advise on the ideal fan installation based on your requirements, taking into account the effects it will have on the performance of the fan.

Our wide range
As an Agent for Multi-Wing Industrial Fans we carry the range of Multi Wing fan impellers and MultiWing fan blades and genuine Multi Wing parts in stock ready for despatch.

At Allied Heat Transfer, we carry a large range of Industrial Fan parts in stock, including blades, retainers and hubs. From this we are able to supply replacement parts as necessary, or manufacture a complete fan assembly. When a fan is manufactured it is vitally important for the fan to be balanced, use of an unbalanced fan can result in premature wear of parts, break-downs or worse. Each fan we build is precisely balanced in house to ensure that when installed it will not cause excessive wearing on any other part in the system. Great emphasis is now given to low noise levels in our fan selection.

If you would like more information on any of our products, or would like to speak to one of our friendly team members, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are the experts in the industry and can help you with anything you may need. Read our blog here to read more about us.